Razer Phone 3 Specs, Price And Release Date Rumors

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July 8, 2020

Razor Phone 3 Specs, price and release date

Razor as a company is best related to gamers for providing them the best performance with their accessories and android devices. This company stepped into the business of smartphones a couple of years ago with a Razor phone, which was followed by the Razor 2 android phone. Its been a year when the company announced the new phone of this series is coming called Razor Phone 3.

Since currently, this phone is not in the market, so we have very little information about the specs of Razer Phone 3, which can be combined to form an image that depicts how the new Razor phone will look.

Razer Phone 3 Specs

Before we start, there is good news for Razor phone lovers that earlier, a rumor was spread that the company has stopped working on its latest phone. But this news is not confirmed by the company. At the same time, some reports suggest that the company is still in the development of the phone. One of the sources mentioned that “ the company is working to enhance the competitiveness of its smartphones in the market.”

So, we have our hope up and expecting that the gaming smartphone form Razor will set up new benchmarks for mobile gaming devices. Let’s discuss the Razor phone 3 specs in detail.


The Razer Phone 2 had a 5.76 inch  2560 x 1440 resolution LCD capacitive touchscreen, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. But there were some complaints about the use of LCD in comparison to the OLED panel, which is more efficient and gives better display experience.


We don’t have much information about the camera of the new Razor smartphone. Still, according to the scenario which is going on in the android market, we will not be surprised if Razer goes with triple camera setup.


Razor Phone 2 was launched with a high-end chipset of its time, and we expect to see no difference this time too. Razer will likely go with Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is also featured on many flagship phones of 2020. With this chipset, Razer Phone 3 will be one of the best phones in 2020.


The new Razer smartphone may also see a significant bump in the storage. The predecessor phone was launched with the storage of 64 GB internal storage. Although the phone supports the micro SD card, yet the customers prefer still bigger internal storage. So, we can say that Razor will go for 128 GB storage for its new Razer smartphone 3.


Razor did not provide the audio jack last year, and probably this trend is not going to change this year too. Other connectivity features of Razer Phone 3 include:

  • Reversible USB C port
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • NFC
  • GPS


Razor Phone 2 came with a massive battery of 4000 mAh along with fast charging support. So, It’s safe to assume the Razer Phone 3 will have the same battery with fast charging support. We can also expect to see wireless fast charging too.


The predecessor of Razor Phone 3 came with Android OS 8.0 Oreo, and later it was upgraded to Android 9.0 Pie. Currently, Goggle’s Android 10 Q is commercially available, and the OS of this phone will indeed be based on Android 10.0 Q.


it is the area where we can’t make any predictions, but it is expected that the price of Razer phone 3 will be somewhat beyond $999. For reference, The cost of Razer Phone 1 was $699, and it bumped to $799 for Razor Phone 2. Keeping in mind this trend, it is inevitable that Razer will breach the $1000 barrier this year.

It was all about the rumors that circle around Razor phone 3 specs, price, and release date. Are you waiting for Razer Phone 3? What feature do you want to see in Razor Phone 3? Do let us know by commenting below.

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3 months ago

Nice phone with great features.

3 months ago

I hope this gamer phone launch soon.

Mohammad Kashif
Mohammad Kashif
Reply to  usama
3 months ago

We are waiting too 🙂

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